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Club Penguin Coins for Change 2009, Rockhopper, New Better Igloos, Igloo Upgrades & More!


Hey Penguins! Theres lots going on today, Donate your coins to a good cause, celebrate with Rockhopper, decorate your igloo for the holidays and more! Heres a ton of cheats to get you in the holiday spirit!

Coins for Change has been helping 3 great causes each year. This year it has returned for the 3rd annual coins for change! There are 5 donation stations, one at the plaza, one at the ski village, one at the beach, one at the migrator and one in the comfort of our own igloo:

Head to the Migrator to donate coins and check out Rockhopper’s new Rare Items!

Rockhopper’s Ship is filled with Holiday Decor! Check out what Rare Items he brought for us this time:

A new Free Item and two new Member Items!

  • Coins for Change Background – Free
  • Tricorn Hat – 350 Coins
  • Silver Bell – 75 Coins
  • Coins for Change Banner – 500 Coins (Furniture Item)
  • Coins for Change Donation Station – 75 Coins (Furniture Item)

You can buy a Donation Station  so you and your friends can donate coins from the comfort of your own igloo! You can only donate coins during Coins For Change so be quick! And remember these coins are going to a good cause! So donate now! A good way to make coins and have fun is to play rockhoppers Christmas version of the treasure hunt game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To play, walk over to a Sandbox (or is that snow?)

Mints are worth 1 coin, Candy Canes are worth 25 coins and Ornaments are worth 100 Coins! Play with yours friends, earn coins and donate them to Coins for Change right in the Captains Quarters (or at other stations around Club Penguin)! Heres how.

Walk over to a donation station and click on it.

Choose a cause to donate to, Kids Who Are Sick, Poor or the Environment.

(i donated to all the causes)

Choose the amount you would like to donate

(i  donated 3,000 coins to each cause and im planning to donate more!)

and your done!

It’s that easy, and you’ve made a difference!

You’ve donated check out Rockhoppers Notice board (if you donated in his quarters).

Last year Rockhopper wanted to donate 59,000 Coins, now he wants to donate 71,000!

Check out the new Better Igloos, December 2009 Christmas editing catalog!:

Dec-Jan Better Igloos

Awesome new Christmas Decor! Check it out.

Lots of Snowmen!

  • Top Hat Snowman – 300 Coins
  • Orange Scarf Snowman – 300 Coins
  • Santa Hat Snowman – 300 Coins
  • Icicle Lights – 75 Coins
  • Christmas Bells – 100 Coins

  • Mystery Present – 15 Coins
  • Christmas Wreath – 150 Coins
  • Giant Candy Cane – 100 Coins
  • Large Christmas Tree – 200 Coins

The Mystery Present is 15 Coins and will unwrap on Christmas Day! I wonder what it is?, Comment with your thoughts! I wish there was a club penguin Santa!

Heres the cheats for the Dec-Jan Better Igloos.

Click the Blue Bird on the Snowman’s Hat for the Nut Cracker (950 Coins).

Click the Ribbon on the Wreath for the Small Christmas Tree (400 Coins).

Click the Star on the Large Christmas Tree for the Christmas Lights (30 Coins).

Click the Modern Chair for the Coat Rack (200 Coins).

Click the Large Wood in the Aquarium for the Shoe Rack (120 Coins).

Click the leg of the Coffee Table for the Wood Stove (900 Coins).

Click the top of the right Snow Fort for the Fireplace (1,200 Coins).

Click the top of the Snow Fortress for the Icicles (150 Coins).

Click the dark brown brick for the Puffle Jack-O-Lantern (200 Coins).

Click the window of the Creepy Cottage for the Cauldron (630 Coins).

Click the Sad Jack-O-Lantern for the LCD TV (2,500 Coins).

Click the Tombstone for the Goofy Jack-O-Lantern (250 Coins).

Lots of awesome cheats including some cool holiday ones!

Igloo Upgrades

Theres a new Snowy Floor item just in time for the winter!

Postcards and Free Item

There are new postcards today and one contains a special gift! Get a buddy to send you it and collect the Candy Cane Hat!

Along with this new postcard there are 4 other new postcards.

The Gift Postcard and Thanks for Gift postcard are the only two new. Along with all of this, there is also construction for the Christmas Party!

Here is my igloo:

Well guess what? With my 12 days of Christmas giveaway starting on Sunday i just bought 2 club penguin series 5 toys with coin codes and 2 club penguin card jitsu packs with 2 coin codes! Im using none of these for myself because its for the giveaway! I have each prize wrapped up neatly in Santa wrapping paper with a bow and i have put them under the Christmas tree!

Here is some extra info about the giveaway:

Starting from the 13th (Sunday) i will be giving away a prize every three days at 5:30pm AEST (ask for time translations) (Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, Tuesday) and then i will have the Christmas eve giveaway on the 24th (Thursday) at 1:00pm AEST (ask for time translations) and i will post up the coin code/card jitsu/penguin and more for everyone to see!

I will be picking the winner by having all the numbers/penguin names in a gift box, i will shuffle the cards around without looking then i will pick a random card and the number/penguin name that is printed on the card will be announced as the winner and i will email them with the details of claiming the prize!



5 Responses

  1. what time is it on sunday december 13th in est

  2. Thanks for asking, it will be 4:30pm EST

  3. wat bout our time

  4. AEST is Australian Eastern Standard Time So Its At 5:30pm, AEST is our time!

  5. i know it was a joke

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