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Club Penguin Play Awards are over… But the results are in! Milly Gatt brings you the results!

Hey Penguinz! As you may have noticed, the Penguin Play Awards are sadly over. This also means that Cadence and Aunt Arctic have left too. But, on the other hand, the Results are in! You might be amazed as much as I am as this insane result, so If you don’t want to take a look, navigate around this post!

If for some reason you can’t see the image above, here are the Penguin Play Awards Results:

  • The Best Play Award Goes too: The Quest of the Golden Puffle.
  • The Best Costume Award Goes too: Squidzoid.
  • The Best music Award Goes too: The Quest of the Golden Puffle.
  • The Best effects Award Goes too: The Quest of the Golden Puffle.
  • The Best Set Award Goes too: The Quest of the Golden Puffle.

Wow! I wasn’t expecting those results at all! I was totally expecting Squidzoid to win most of the awards but this year it hasn’t.  So, The quest for the golden puffle has won this years overall best play! What will it win next year? I dont like quest for the golden puffle, its my least favourite play & my favourites are ruby & the ruby and the penguins that time forgot

What overall best play did you vote for? Drop us a comment and tell us how you feel about the results!



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