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New Club Penguin June ’10 Penguin Style, EPF Field-Ops Coming June 15th, June Sneak Peek, Community Tree Grown & EPF phone coming soon feautures revealed!

Hey Penguinz! WOW! What a big post i have ahead of me! Well enough chatter lets start…  Club Penguin has updated the catalog at the gift shop full of rockin` styles! Head over to the gift shop and look geourgeous as a mermaid or look totally yarr! as a pirate! This months clothes are relating to the ADVENTURE PARTY, even though in Australia where i am it is now Winter, its now SUMMER on club penguin! Cant wait! Wanna see the sweet cheats? huh? i cant hear you? OK OK! Here:

This catalog is has an adventure theme, check out all these cool adventure clothes you can choose from:

June Penguin Style 2010

  • The Adventurer – 400 Coins
  • Foraged Bracelet – 200 Coins
  • Adventure Face Paint – 50 Coins
  • Castaway’s Clothing – 325 Coins
  • Swashbuckler’s Hat – 430 Coins
  • Swashbuckler’s Coat – 450 Coins

  • Commander’s Hat – 375 Coins
  • Commander’s Outfit – 430 Coins
  • Commander’s Boots – 275 Coins
  • First Mate’s Hat – 425 Coins
  • First Mate’s Outfit – 400 Coins
  • Nautical Boots – 275 Coins

  • The Razzmatazz – 400 Coins
  • Coral Mermaid Costume – 425 Coins
  • The Aquamarine – 400 Coins
  • Tropical Mermaid Costume – 425 Coins
  • The Blue Lagoon – 550 Coins
  • Mermaid Costume – 500 Coins

  • The Bonny Curls – 400 Coins
  • Seafarers’ Gown – 450 Coins

June 2010 “Penguin’s At Work”

This month’s Penguins At Work is a Construction Worker (Hard Hat – 50 Coins, Safety Vest – 200 Coins)!

June Penguin Style 2010 Cheats

Click the grapes for the The Duchess (Head Pieces – 400 Coins, Dress – 550 Coins).

Click the design on the curtains for the Beautiful Braid (400 Coins) and the Emerald Dress (550 Coins).

Click the second stone (the middle one) in the wall for the Green Hooded Cloak (550 Coins).

Click the cup of tea for the Red Viking Helmet (750 Coins). Open and close it 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet (1,200 Coins).

Click the Pink Square for the Green Face Paint (15 coins).

Click the water bottle for the Dazzling Blue Top Hat (475 Coins).

Click the top cup for the Top Hat (350 Coins).

Click the red button/light for the Dazzling Blue Tux (850 Coins).

Click the top of the mountain for the Cocoa Bunny Costume (550 Coins).

Click the trees for the Cocoa Bunny Ears (250 Coins).

Sadly there are no new cheats :/ Although there are some cool new (and returned) backgrounds for your player card! Check em out:

June 2010 Backgrounds

The first one in the top left is new the others are returned (the bottom right one was a Free Item from Rockhopper last year!).

Thats is for June’s Penguin Style, based on the catalog what kind of adventures do you think are coming up in June? I can think of a few ;]

Elite Penguin Force Field-Ops Coming June 15th

The Elite Penguin Force Field-Ops are coming June 15th! Do you think there will be a new EPF Mission? I think so! Check back June 15th for all the cheats.

Seashell Pin

The Seashell Pin is located at the Iceberg!

Have you checked out the Club Penguin Community Garden lately? The Tree by the Mine has grown! Check it out.



1.I have no idea what the first one is…im PRETTY SURE it relates to pirates.. maybe a pirate party

2.The Second One Is Probably This (coming next week):

3. And the third one is the ADVENTURE PARTY!


The Elite Penguin Force Spy Phone could do along with some theories about what the two “Coming Soon” features would be. Well today I don’t have theories, I can tell you what they will actually do! Check it out.

Feature #1: Elite Gear

I guessed this one to have to do with the Elite Penguin Force Badges but I was slightly wrong, it is for “Elite Gear” (the badges may play a part in the Elite Gear). This is where we will access the Elite Penguin Force: Elite Gear Catalog! I can’t wait for this feature!

Moving on…

Feature 2: Field-Ops

This is one called “Field-Ops”. This is now where we will access Elite Penguin Force Missions! Sounds pretty cool right?

Here is the last one:

This isn’t really a feature that you can click on or anything but it is non the less cool, it is an Alert Display. See the red square at the top? That will flash then there is a new mission, etc! Now we will always know when there is something new going on.

Well as you know Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force: Herberts Revenge hasnt been released in Australia YET, it will be released on June 17th! So that day im going to buy it and ill post up all the cheats, but i went on the EB GAMES website where i plan to buy it from, and for all those aussies out there here are the details:

For all those club penguin fans like me, are a little bit curious check it out for yourself:


You can also play the trial in all EB GAME stores, i played it and ITS AWESOME!

Oh & Before i go id like to show you a few sneak peeks:

Club Penguin 2 Screenshot

Club Penguin 2 Screenshot

Club Penguin 2 Screenshot

Club Penguin 2 Screenshot

Club Penguin 2 Screenshot

Club Penguin 2 Screenshot

Club Penguin 2 Screenshot

Club Penguin 2 Screenshot

If you want the cheats to Mission 11: Veggie Villian the tutorial  is at the bottom of the Guides Page. Well More Updates Coming Sooner Or Later!

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