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Club Penguin July ’10 Better Igloo Cheats, New Instruments & Pin!

Hey Penguinz!

Ever wanted to bring Music Jam to your Igloo? Well now you can with the July Better Igloos! You can buy things like guitar amps, congo drums and even DJ tables! Check out all these cool new items and cheats.

New Items

  • Congo Drum – 400 Coins
  • Guitar Amp – 600 Coins
  • Wall Speaker – 800 Coins
  • Concert Lights – 650 Coins
  • DJ Table – 800 Coins

  • Disco Ball – 350 Coins
  • Gramophone – 375 Coins
  • Microphone – 200 Coins
  • Band Stage – 800 Coins
  • Eight Note – 120 Coins
  • Treble Clef – 120 Coins

July ’10 Better Igloos Cheats

Click the bottom part of the wall speaker for the Quarter Note (120 Coins).

Click the DJ Table for the Drum Kit (760 Coins).

Click the Disco Ball for the Guitar Stand (300 Coins).

Click the word “Disco” for the Lanterns (175 Coins).

Click either part of the Eighth Note for the Music Stand (250 Coins).

Click the cash register in the background for the Tropical Palm Tree (300 Coins).

Click the top on the Cloths Rack for the HD TV (1,000 Coins).

Click the inside part of the Stone Wall Ruins for the Mermaid Vanity (735 Coins).

Click the middle window in the Pirate Ship for the Bamboo Torch (200 Coins).

Click on the Flower Pot (blue flower) for the Ficus Plant (320 Coins).

Click on the Potted Palm for the Poodle Plant (430 Coins).

Click the top of the throne for the Snake Grass (230 Coins).

Click the fish on the Medieval Banner for the Bulrushes (340 Coins).

Along with the new Better Igloos Catalog there are new instruments in the Music Catalog:

New Instruments

New instruments have been added to the Music Catalog which you can access Backstage.

  • Acoustic Guitar – 500 Coins (returned)
  • Orange Double Necked Guitar – 600 Coins (new!)
  • Tambourine – 100 Coins (new!)

Sadly there aren’t any cheats in the Music Catalog like there last year.

New Pin

ALSO: Check out the new updated Music Playlist on the sidebar, added with all the latest songs from awesome singers such as Usher, Rhianna, Justin Bieber & MORE!


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