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Header Shop


Hey everyone its Milly Gatt! Welcome To My Header Shop. If you want a header or for your site or blog, or a twitter icon for your twitter accound you have come to the right place! If you want a header, banner or twitter picture  please comment your order including the following: Title, Dimensions, Background, What you want the penguin on the banner to wear or you can send me a picture of your penguin by email at Milly.gatt.cpcheats@live.com, extra images, special effects, email address! I will only make your header if you follow the rules below:

1. Dont change your order, once you have posted your order you can not change it

2. I will only make 1 header for you per month as i cant keep make headers for one person because i may have one or multiple other graphics to create!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. If i do not have the item that you want the penguin to wear i will notify you and try to make the best of what i have to make it look similar. (this only applies if you dont send a picture and need me to take a picture of my penguin with the requested items)

4. Be specific with the items and make sure they exist! I dont understand blue joggers or april fools day suit. So make sure you name the items with their proper name or with as much details as possible.

5. Be patient, these headers take time, they can take from 2 days to 2 weeks but it is less likely it will take more than that, sometimes i am very busy so be patient!

6. I only make headers for club penguin sites so please do not ask for a  header for any other type of blog/site, if ordered i will not create the header.


I now make better quality & more detailed graphics so order up!


39 Responses

  1. can i have another one please?
    with my penguin and
    also a fan banner to!

    • The Banner Is Done, I have sent it to you as an attachment. If you would like to know how to add the banner or would like me to do it for you, please contact me about any questions or problems i have.

  2. Hmmm, Ok i will make you a banner and a fan banner if you make sure none of my images apear on ur site (besides for the banners) otherwise i am happy to make a banner for you, but may i remind you that each of the banners i create has my signiture in the corner to show that i created it. it will be ready in probaly a day. I will start it right now.

  3. Awesome site! Could you plz make me a banner with:
    Title: Lolliepop82`s Club Penguin Cheats World.
    Backround: Town
    Penguin: Purple hoodie, Flutterby, Blue diva sunnies, blue sneakers, ipod.
    Size: Average sizing (20cm+20cm)
    Can i have it by tomorow because i am giving my site a makeover including the theme and a xat chat.

  4. Awesome banners! I love the one with the fish backround! No banners for me today but i would like to ask for a request, Can i have a custom made fan banner?

  5. Hi, I want a banner!
    Title: Club Penguin Islanders with Zooma76557 and friends
    Dimensions: 950×160
    Backround: Cove
    Penguin: Red Toque, White diva sunnies, Red suede jacket, brown fluffy boots, white pearls, denim handbag.
    Special Effects: Palm Tree Boarder
    Email: zoomguy@gmail.com

  6. CAN I HAVE A BANNER WITH ME WEARING 2nd anniversary hat, 3d glasses, black hoodie, white pearls, green bunny slippers. CALL IT lemon675 cp cheats world! WITH THE ICEBERG BACKROUND AND DIMENSIONS 650×130 email it to LEME45@live.com

  7. make me a header saying TANYA RULES! so does cp! i want it with sparkles and an ice penguin!

  8. MILLY can i have a ultimate fan one please???

  9. Could I Have A Banner That Says
    Littlepile’s Clubpenguin Blog
    Has: A Penguin Wearing A Reddish Vest, A Viking Helmet, 3D Glasses, And Black Sneakers With The Backround Of The Town?

  10. can u only make banners for websites?

  11. Yes, my banners are only created for CLUB PENGUIN websites and if someone needs a banner for another site they have to contact me personally!

  12. how did u make that banner i mean the one that u hav right now its awsome
    please make me one!

  13. i’ll be happy to make all your orders!

  14. nah just kidding im not millyLOL

  15. ill send you a picture

  16. Header Shop Has Been Updated Successfully! Better quality and more detailed banners now available!

  17. can i have a banner likes urs cause i need a banner and i love urs u can send it ill give u a pic of my penguin just wirte to me by email but if that one u hav right now is not made bye u than can u leave the web adress under my comment please love


  18. banners are cool i dont have a website though.

  19. hey milly its me hsmgirl iv i need ur helpcause i MIGHT
    make web but its not cheats its going cp latest things and penguins so ill need ur help and the best pins and backrounds will be one my web and i will add u as our latest peng and ill make u igloo desginer (if u want to)

    • Sounds like fun to me! Im sure we can manage. How about we make it OUR site, so we can both be authors. With like penguin of the week & stuff like that. I could supply the banners & trackers and all that stuff. So do u wanna do it?

      • ok milly ring me when u want to do it cause if u dont want to leave an email we can share the web by share user and pass!

        ~Peace out Hsm girl1305

  20. but ill only do it if YOUwant two

  21. h milly i was wonderingg if u wold like to make a site with me its up to YOU so im not pushing it im just asking i think it will be great but again its up to YOU!

    • no thanks. Im already going to have another site with my cousin. So that means i update my site & me & my cousins site. It would be too much to update if i got YET another and i prefer to do the site with my cousin

  22. Can i have one that Says
    Mrs Marilyn is CP’s 1# Fan

    You know my e-mail so e-mail it to me Please

  23. Heyyy! i just wanted u to make me a banner with
    my clubpenguin player -Mary 13579
    also a pic of my penguin.also my fav colors are lime green purple and light blue.

    Oh to get my clubpenguin penguin come on my website mary13579cp.webs.com

    email- att123dav@aol.com

  24. Hi Milly…

    I just request one banner…
    That Says…

    Mrs Marilyn
    CP 1# FAN

    (email it 2 me plz)


  25. Can my banner say…

    N1# FAN

    And a picture of a brown penguin wearing the new front cover of the new catalog. the girl with the red hair and the top and bag with the shoes!
    Thank You
    E-mail me

  26. Hi! Can I have a Header? I would want a Music Jam one plz! Thankiez! And I dont care what you put on it I just want a header for music jam. 😀

  27. um hi….. im kinda new to this site so um i want one that shows a girl in the emrald dress with the band tht says superstar06 is #1 fan

  28. I’m Littlepile, i stopped playing clubpenguin and i just looked at my old website today; Although i do not use it, it would be better to have a good header so i still get good traffic on it. So, mainly the header i wanted last time, but, better.

  29. Hi! Can I Have A Banner
    My Penguin Clothes To Have On Is The Green Letterman Jacket Red Glasese And A Brown Colour And The Green Hat and writing say club penguin ice like he club penguin writing Icey54637

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