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(the club Penguin Mission 11: Veggie Villian cheats are at the BOTTOM of the page)

Hey Penguinz! Welcome to my Club Penguin Guides Page! On this page you will find the ultimate guides to Club Penguin, Secret Agent and Mission Guides, How to be a tour guide, How to become a ninja and the history of club penguin! I am also making a guide for PLANNING THE ULTIMATE CLUB PENGUIN PARTY! Check it out:


How do I play Card-Jitsu Fire? I want to add the coins I earn from the Elite Penguin Force game to my Club Penguin account. How do I connect my Nintendo DS to my computer? How do I unlock my items online? How do I activate my account? I forgot my password. What do I do?


Just click one of the subjects below to read about it: ( big thanks to chrisdog93)

About Club Penguin:

Club Penguin is a multiplayer game. The game was introduced to the world in August 2005 by the gaming company Miniclip although it has its own website. It was created by New Horizon Interactive company on the 24th of October 2005 and is now owned by the company Disney.

About Club Penguin:

Club Penguin is a multiplayer game. The game was introduced to the world in August 2005 by the gaming company Miniclip although it has its own website. It was created by New Horizon Interactive company on the 24th of October 2005 and is now owned by the company Disney.

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So You  Can Become A Top Agent!



As everyone knows, you need to have been playing club penguin for more than a month in order to do this. If you you are not 30 days old and really want to become an agent you might want to cheat, then click on the time in the bottom right corner of your screen and set the year to some point in the future like 2010. This will make your Penguin think he is really old.

Next, click on the “M” badge in the top right corner of your screen, then on the “M” a second time. You will then be asked some questions. Check it out:

Here is how to be a secret agent! First you have to be 30 days old, click the “M” at the top right hand corner of your screen and follow these steps!


Click “Your Mission”


Click “The Rewards”


Click “Continue”


Now here are the answers to the Secret Agent quiz. The first is honest.


The second is being mean ore rude.


The third is report them.


The fourth is saying there address.


The fifth is I want to keep Club Penguin safe.


And the last is I want to help other penguins.


Then you will receive a spy phone! Which can teleport you to any room in club penguin including secret HQ. Plus it has a few tools to help you out in missions:


Secret HQ ca be accessed from the spy phone or the change rooms in the sport shop, The spy phone can be viewed by clicking the image above the map or by clicking it in your `AWARDS` Inventory. Here is what HQ Looks like:


In HQ to view the secret handbook click the book under the spy log in the right bottom corner. There you will view the secret agents handbook with some tips and a special catalog page:



Here are all the cheats for all the current missions:

Mission 1

  1. Talk to aunt arctic
  2. (Optional) Use your map to go to the Ice Rink
  3. (Optional) Go to the far left and pick up the pics of the green puffle

3.  (Optional) Use your map to go to Aunt Arctic’s igloo and give her the pics for the green puffle

4.  Go to the pet shop and decode the letter on the dog house under the black puffle

5.  Go to the sport shop and talk to G. He will ask you if you want any special items, say yes. Then he will ask you how many pairs of socks he has. You should have decoded the number for socks he has in the last step.

6.  G will open up his closet with the special items in it.

7.  (Optional) Grab the life preserver shooter and put in your inventory.

8.  (Optional) Go to the Ice Berg and rescue the penguins. Once rescued talk to the green penguin. He will say stuff about were the puffles are.

9.  (Optional) Go to the top of the Mountain and talk to the brown penguin. Fix his telescope with your wrench from the spy phone. After you fix it look through the telescope and you will see the green puffle flying around the tallest mountain in CP.

10.  Go to the sport shop and get the climbing equipment. Go to the tallest mountain and climb to the top with the special equipment. After you find the puffles you will go to Aunt Artcic’s and the mission will end. Collect your medal and letter (if you did the optional step and gave the pics of the green puffle to aunt arctic you will get special letter)

Mission 2:

1. Talk to G. He will ask you to solve the riddle.

2. (Optional) Go to the Ski Mountain. Click the top of the pole in the middle of the hill were all of the slope names are. Do code the one with three green dots!

3. Tell G the secret word is mogul

4.  You will then be given a sled to test. Put it in your inventory. Then go to the Ski Mountain

5.  Get the sled out of you inventory and you will be holding it with your mouse click the test run slope sign to ride the sled!

6. you will then be testing the sled. If you crash do not worry, that is suppose to happen!

7. you awake to find yourself in the wilderness and your sled broke. Pick up the string on the ground.

8. move to the right until you see a survival guide, put the guide in your inventory and go straight by clicking the bush.

9.  once you get to the berry bush pick up 3 berries from it (they can all fit in one inventory slot). Then move right

10. Click the tree 3 times to shake it so the pot falls out, pick up the pot. Then move forward by clicking the stump

11. once you reach the stump there will be a bunch of puffle’s playing, click one of them to scare all of them of except the black puffle. Give the black puffle a berry and it will turn into a firball, after the puffle stops flying in the air on fire he will be your friend and follow you!

12. move left then forward, click on the far away log.

13. grab the ski stuck in the bush, mix the ski, rope, and one berry. You will then have a fishing pole and a berry for bait! Then click the stump to move forward.

14. you will then be back at the stump were the puffles were. Click the berry bush to move forward.

15. move to the far left and there will be a stream in the distance. Go over to the stream.

16. pick up the log on the right and then move to the far left. Use the fishing pole (ski, berry, rope poll) on the stream to catch a fish. Pick up the fish you just caught then use the pot to get water from the stream.

17. go all the way to the right and use the cave as shelter for the night.

18. click the bush in front of the cave to move it away, then go into the cave. After you enter the cave go to the far right.

19. click any of the stones and they will become a fire pit. Put the log in the middle of the pit, then put the survival guide on the log. It will act as timber to help start the fire!

20. give the black puffle another Berry so it turns into a fire ball and starts the fire!

21. cook the fish over the fire (set the fish on the fire) then once its done eat it. Put the pot of water over the fire and wait till its boiling. Once the pot with water is boiling click on it to drink it (do the same for the fish). You will then fall asleep.

22. You will wake up to hear some noise outside. Go out side and a agent will fly in with a jet pack and rescue you!! Talk to the agent. You will then be back in the sport shop. Talk to G and the mission will end! Collect your medal and letter!

Mission 3:

[under construction]

Mission 4:

[under construction]

Mission 5:

[under construction]

Mission 6:

[under construction]

Mission 7:

  1. Talk to G and pick any answer
  2. Look at the Snow Forts monitor to view the footage
  3. Keep talking to G and pick the first answer everytime till your done talking with him
  4. Go into the gadget room, pick up the life preserver, and put it in your inventory
  5. Use your map to go to the Dock
  6. Talk to the blue team and pick the first answer every time until they let you play for the target
  7. Heres how to play the game: click and hold the mouse until the bar goes up to the red zone, LET GO when the bar is at the top of the red zone(or close to), then aim your mouse and shoot at the target. Remember the target is moving so click just a little bit ahead of where the target is going. And it takes longer for the snowball to travel the farther the penguin is from you.
  8. Once you win they will give you the target, after you have put the target in your inventory give them the life preserver so they can keep practicing
  9. Go to the HQ and go over to the invention cabinet, click the lock were you would open the door to the magnet, at the bottom of the screen it says “code”, put your courser over it to open it, decode the lock so the code says ”key”
  10. The lock will open, take the Magnetron 3000 and put it in your inventory then go to the iceburg
  11. Go to the left until you see a spring frozen in ice floating in the water
  12. Pull the spring in with the magnet and put them both in your inventory
  13. Go to the gadget room in HQ and put the frozen block of ice with the spring in it on the conveyor to go into the Test Chamber
  14. Click the red lever and wait for the spring to go into the test chamber, then when its in the chamber click the flame button by the red lever and wait for the spring to un-freeze
  15. Click the red lever so the spring leaves the test chamber and put it in to your inventory
  16. Go to the town and talk to the rookie(the green penguin with the red propeller cap and message bag) and ask him for the poster of the prime gear and put it in your inventory
  17. Go to the Beach and talk to the yellow penguin in the chair, he said that a yellow puffle made him the chair and if you give them a picture of something and something to make it with they will make it. Then pick up the green bucket next to him
  18. Go to the snowforts and fill the green bucket with snow
  19. Go to the Pizza Parlor and pick up the sheet of music by the piano
  20. Go to the stage, click on the piano and put the sheet of music on the piano stand and play the music left to right
  21. If done correct the yellow puffle will smile and walk out from behind the curten
  22. Then exit from playing the piano, the yellow puffle will jump over to you, give him the prime gear poster and the bucket of snow then wait till he is done making it and put the gear into your inventory
  23. Use your spyphone to go to the gadget room in HQ and put the prime gear on the conveyor of the test chamber. Click the red lever, wait till the gear goes in the chamber then click the snow/ ice button, wait till its done freezing then click the red lever again and put the prime gear in your inventory
  24. Go to the snowforts and over to the clock tower, put the gear in the middle, the spring on the upper left side, and the target on the outside(on the metal pole) then exit the clock
  25. The construction worker will then cheer, you will get a call from Herbert the Polar bear, he will say “He underestimated you but destroying the Clock Tower was just a distraction for his Grand Master Plan. Then he says “Until next time!” and hangs up
  26. Talk to G and finish the mission. Claim your medal and prize!

Mission 8

  1. Talk to G, choose any option
  2. Go to the Dock
  3. Pick up the lantern dropped by Klutzy
  4. Follow the pieces of the map flying in the air to the Town
  5. One of the pieces of the map will get stuck on the Night Club sign
  6. Just keep following the piece of the map into the Snow Forts
  7. The last piece of the map will land on the orange Snow Fort flag in front of you. Click on it and then the wind will pick it back up and fly to the Plaza
  8. Go to the Plaza, the piece of map will land in the green penguins newspaper
  9. Click on him to talk to him
  10. He will say he is not done reading it and would really like a double meat pizza extra grey fish
  11. Go into the Pizza Parlor and ask the Chef for the pizza that the green penguin wanted
  12. Pick up the pizza and put it in your inventory
  13. Go back outside and give the pizza to the green penguin, he will ask if he can do anything for you. Ask for the newspaper
  14. He will give you the newspaper, put it in your inventory. Once in your inventory click on the paper to take out the piece if map and put it in a new slot of your inventory
  15. Use your Spy Phone to go to HQ then into the Gadget Room
  16. Talk to G, pick any option
  17. Pick up the Brown and Pink Fedora Hat behind G and put it in your inventory
  18. Then pick up the Brown Hammer above the black bowling bowl on the table next to G and put it in your inventory
  19. Use your map to go to the Ski Village then to the Winter Sport Shop
  20. Once in the Sport Shop pick up the Tent Pegs and put them in your inventory
  21. Use your map to go to the Beach. Once you get there pick up some net that is on the left side of the Lighthouse and put it in your inventory
  22. Then go inside the Lighthouse
  23. Once inside the Lighthouse talk to the purple penguin surrounded by Cream Soda and ask him if you can take some Cream Soda
  24. He will answer yes
  25. Pick up a barrel of Cream Soda and put it in your inventory
  26. Use your map to go to the Town and then to the Coffee Shop
  27. When inside the Coffee Shop talk to the penguin and tell him you will help pick up the Cookies that fell on the ground
  28. After you finish picking up the Cookies he will give you one for free. Put it in your inventory
  29. Go outside and give the green puffle the Fedora hat and then the Cookie. He will fly up and get the other piece of map for you
  30. Pick up the last  piece of the map that is now on the ground in front of you, put it in the same inventory slot as the other piece of map
  31. Use your map to go to the Dock. Once at the Dock go into the hole drilled by Herbert
  32. When inside use the right arrow to look around till you see two holes
  33. Read the map you collected and it will tell you to go left or right
  34. After you go through the first tunnel it will be dark. Open your inventory and click on the Lantern to turn it on
  35. Then continue down the tunnels
  36. You will then come to a stop because the Gift Shop has fallen through the ground
  37. Open your inventory and get out the barrel of Cream Soda
  38. Move your mouse/courser around rappidly to shake up the Cream Soda
  39. Dont shake it up to much or it will explode before you need it to
  40. After you shake it up put it under the Gift Shop
  41. It will explode and shot the Gift Shop back to the earth. When it is fully shot up back to earth get out the net and put it under it
  42. Then get out the Tent Stakes and stick them in the net
  43. Then hammer the stakes in
  44. Continue down the tunnel
  45. When you get to the end of the tunnel Herberts big drill thing will be there
  46. Before you continue into the Boiler Room, on the far right side above the red and yellow wagon
  47. Get out your Spy Phone and then get out the wrench. Loosen the prime gear of herberts Drill
  48. Once loosend put the prime gear in your inventory
  49. The continue into the Boiler Room
  50. There you will find Herbert. Click on him to talk to him, choose any answer
  51. After you are done talking to Herbert he will get mad and hit the Boiler
  52. He will then try to escape
  53. Your Spy Phone then will ring, answer it
  54. Talk to G, choose any answer
  55. You will then have to fix the Boiler (it is not as hard at it looks)
  56. After you finish fixing the Boiler your Spy Phone will ring again
  57. Talk to G and he will ask you to come back to the HQ
  58. Use your Spy Phone to go to the HQ
  59. Talk to G and give him the Prime Gear
  60. Finish the Mission and collect your medal and gift!

Mission 9

Talk to G

2. Put the Blue Prints, 3 Tracking Devices, and the Yellow Duck in your inventory

3. Go To the Ski Village then into the Ski Lodge

4. Pick up the Find Four Pieces on the window seal on the left side of the door to the outside, scroll over and pick the ones up from the stool, and last the ones under the ladder to go up to the Attic

5. Put them in your inventory

6. Go up the ladder into the Attic

7. Pick up more Find Four pieces that are next to the Fireplace/Rocking horse, the ones next to the Type Writer, next to the music player, and on the other box’s

8. put them in your inventory

9. Pick up the string on the rug on the left side of the ladder

10. Go down stairs and talk to the Penguins playing Find Four

11. Give them all the Find Four Pieces

12. Go to the Forest and pick up the sticks

13. Put the sticks, the blue print, and the string together to make a kite.

14. Put the kite and a transmitter together

15. Go to the Mountain and put the Transmitter/Kite on the Poll

16. Go to the Plaza and talk to the Penguins. After the Blue Puffles blows a bubble it will pop. Click the gum stuck between the penguins. Take the bubble gum from the penguins and put it on the Yellow Duck in your inventory

17. Go to the Dock

18. Help the penguin start his boat by grabbing the Brown Handle and pulling out up down, left right, etc.

19. Then borrow the penguins air pump

20. Put the air pump on the duck to inflate it

21. Grab the handle of the air pump and drag it up and down until the duck is fully inflated

22. Go to the Ice Burg and put the Duck and a transmitter together

23. Put the Duck in the water

24. Go to the Mine Shack and talk to Rory

25. Click the two boards next to the box of water

26. Click the drag the boards around until you can make the beam drop on the left side

27. Click the Cart that is turned over on the right side

28. Weld all the Cracks in the cart.

29. Talk to rory then put the last transmitter in the cart and click it twice to send it down the track

30. Your Spy Phone will then ring. Answer it

31. Go back to HQ

32. Talk to G and then take the Binocular 3000’s the are on the left of him.

33. Go to the Ski Lodge. Go into the Ski Lodge and through the Gone Fishing Door

34. Use your Binoculars to look over the Pond

35. You will see Herbert and Klutzy trying to start a fire!

36. Exit the Binoculars and answer your Spy Phone

37. Go back to Herbert’s Camp and put the Spy Phone from the camp with the Binoculars

38. Put the Make Shift camera in the third tree to the left

39. Answer your Spy Phone and head back to HQ

40. Talk to G, watch Herbert and Klutzy then receive your Medal and Prize!

41. You’ve completed the mission! Great work agent!!

Mission 10

1. Talk to G, Select the first option
2. Keep clicking on the screen until there done talking
3. Select any option
4. Select “What are our assignments”
5. Select any option
6. Select any option
7. Select any option
8. Select the first option
9. Pick up the Solar panel from the Box next to G
10. Go to the Beach and help the Jet Pack Guy
11. Go into the lighthous and get some cream soda
12. Talk to the Jet Pack Guy
13. Give him the Cream Soda
14.When mixing the Cream Sode click the “help” bottle
15. It will say: 8,0,0 and if you click it again it will go on
16. 8,0,0 means the first has to have 8 and the others 0
17. Keep following that until your done


18.  Go to the Gift Shop and talk to Rookie
19. Give him the Solar Panel
20. Connect the Solar Panel the the Magnet
21 . Connect the colors
22. Click the sheet of paper with the instructions for extra help
23. Use the ink pen to connect them and the earaser (big red thing) if you mess up
24. Connect the dots like this:

25. Go to the Dock and talk to the Green Penguin on the Dock
26.  Ask him for some rope
27. Put the rope in your inventory
28. Go to the Night Club
29. Attach the Rope to the Pully
30. Click the Red Lever
31. It will then break
32.  Open up your Spy Phone and take out the Rench
33. Use it to open up the Panel
34. Look inside
35. . Connect all the parts to make it work, (this will vary) but heres how it should look:

36. The trap will now be set
37. The Jet Pack Guy will call you on your spy phone, answer it
38. Go to the Dock
39. It will be a false alarm
40. You will get another call on your spy phone, answer it
41. Go to the Night Club
42. Herbert will take the “Bait”
43. Click the red lever to drop the trap
44. He will get out of the trap
45. Another call will come in on your spy phone
46. Answer it, All the agents will then move in and herbert will be trapped
47. Shine all the lights on the Magnet that Rookie is holding to make it stronger (click and drag the lights)
48. Herbert will be trapped again but for good
49. Select any option (when talking to herbert)
50. Select any option
51. Talk to G
52. Herbert will ask for a phone call and Rookie gives him is spy phone, herbert will escape
53. Select the first option (when talking to G)
54. G will find a bag of some kind, select any option (when talking to G)
55. Click “Get Medal” and end the mission!

And here is how to get the “Gift”:

  1. When in the Gift Shop talk to the Store Clerk
  2. Pick up the Basket of Eggs, Cloths, and the Table
  3. Go outside
  4. Take the Table out of your inventory and put it on the LEFT of the Gift Shop
  5. Put the Eggs, and Cloths on the Table
  6. Go back in a talk to the clerk
  7. At the end of the mission claim your Gift!


Now you have completed all the missions! Good work Agent!

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force (EPF) Cheats Guide

Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force (EPF) is the new game available only for the Nintendo DS, which was released in stores in November 2008.

Club Penguin’s Elite Penguin Force allows play exclusive missions that are not available in the online game of Club Penguin, some of these are the mini games.  In addition, the DS game has three secret missions that you can download via Wifi.

The steps below are for people that have the game for the Nintendo DS, if you don’t have the game skip these steps

1. (For this step you must have a DS and EPF) Pop in EPF into your DS and wait till you get to the Main Menu

2. Press Start with your stylist (Use your stylist for all of these steps)

3. Choose a Penguin Color

4. Choose a Penguin Name

5. Click “Continue”


1. Open up the box EPF came in

2. Get out the Card where the Instructions are

3. Go to www.play.clubpenguin.com and click Unlock Items

4. Enter the code on your EPF Card, no caps, no spaces or dashes between the letters or numbers

5. Now you have access to the EPF Command Room and a Certificate

You get your own EPF CERTIFICATE with your name on it:

And you get access to the command room (EPF HQ) by walking through the cupboard at HQ:

Here is the Command Room (EPF HQ):

OK!  Now you’re to the Menu!  You can select Missions, Mini Games, Multiplayer, or Upload/Download.  So, lets start with the Mission first!

There are 13 Missions on the Club Penguin Elite Penguin Force game.  Here are the cheats, hints and written guides to beating them all:


Mission 1 Guide: The Mystery Unfolds

1. Talk to Aunt Arctic and then go to the Coffee Shop.

2. Pick up the newspaper on the table and look at it.

3. Click on the Blue Puffle to get a piece of paper.

4. Talk to the penguin behind the coffee counter.

5. Go to the Snow forts.

6. Talk to the snowman, to get another piece of paper.

7. Talk to the light blue penguin. He will ask if you can get his hat.

8. Click on the blue puffle and aim your cursor at the clock’s target.

9. The penguin will talk to you. Then pick up his hat, and give it to him.

10. He will say thanks and give you Disguise glasses.

11. Go to the Plaza and click the mailbox. It’ll give you another piece of paper (letter).

12. Go to the Dock and click on the pile of inner tubes to get another paper.

13. Put the pieces together, which will make a map.

14. Go to the lighthouse and click on the barrel. Then a penguin will pop out.

16. The penguin will give you the map. Use it to go to the Dojo.

17. Talk to Dot. Say yes and you will complete the first mission.

Mission 2 Guide: Left to your own Devices

1. Talk to Dot, to receive the puffle pin. Then, click on the wall with the eight boards with the puffle pin.

2. It’ll bring you to a screen. Take the pin and rotate it to fit the puffle on the bottom right.

3. You will go in a room and the wall will open up to a screen with the Director on it. The Director will talk with
you then go away. Then a penguin will come out with a Red Puffle.

6. He will talk and then tell you to work with Blast, the red puffle.

7. Go over to the other box and touch Blast and aim at the box.

8. After you break it, talk to PH. He will give you a puffle whistle.

9. Go to the Ski Village and talk to Dot. Go into the Sports Shop and talk to Dot again.

10. Click on the First Curtain, which will bring you to the HQ. Go over to dot and talk to her.

11. Click on the closet and enter the code: 3000

12. Click on it and Dot will talk to you. Then the director will come out. Pick the two blue things up and open
your inventory. Put the 2 pieces together to make the spy gadget.

14. Go on the left and you will see a box. Break it open with Blast.

15. There will be a telescope on the side of it. Pick it up and put it into your inventory. Then, drag it to your Spy
Gadget, to unlock a new feature.

16. Move over to the screen and click your spy gadget. If you select the symbol next to the HQ and drag it over to
the screen, it will bring up a window with a notepad on the bottom and a code on top.

17. The code says: Red Blue Blue Red Red Blue.

18. Exit out of the window, and open the box. Enter the code that is above. Once you’ve unlocked the box, you
can get a satellite dish.

19. Take it out of your inventory and put it on your spy gadget. Then your spy phone will ring. Open up your spy gadget, click the phone, and then talk to Dot.

20. Dot will talk, then close the phone and the director will talk to you. Then the mission will be completed.

Mission 3 Guide: Rookie on the Rocks

1. Talk to Dot. Then go to the Ski Lodge and talk to the sick penguin.

2. Go to the Pizza parlor and then to the back of it. Pickup the soup that’s under the middle table, and then go to
the Ski Lodge.

3. Give the soup to the sick penguin. He will talk and then give you a red snowboard. Open your Inventory and open up the red suitcase. Put the snowboard on.

4. Go to the Ski hill and talk to the penguin with the Blue Snowboard. Talk to him and challenge him to a snowboard competition. You have to get 400 points to win.

5. Win and you will get a trophy. Go to the Ski Lodge and give the trophy to the sick penguin. He will let you keep
the Red Snowboard.

6. Go back to Ski Hill and snowboard again.

7. Follow the footprints to Rookie’s campsite. Call Bouncer (blue puffle) aim at the campfire. Put out the fire, and
follow the foot prints to the river.

8. Talk to Rookie and then go to your spy gadget and call Dot. She will send someone to save you and Rookie.
You will end up in the HQ.

9. Click the Glasses and the EPF Badge. Congratulations! You’re officially an EPF agent, and you completed the 3rd

Mission 4 Guide: Looking for Clues

1. The Director will talk to you. Afterwards, take the file from table.

2. Grab the file from your inventory and show it to Dot and Jet Pack Dude.

3. Go to the Sports Shop and give the file to the Clerk, who will then give you a pair of Gary’s glasses.

4. Go to the HQ and go to the Eye Scan 3000. Put the glasses on and start the eye scan.

5. Go in the gadget room and go to the table with the clock and the boom box. Click the open drawer and you
will get the Mechno Duster for your Spy Gadget.

6. Go to the Ski Hill and use the Mechano-Duster on the pile of snow. Rub the snow and you will get a bent key.

7. Go to the Sports Shop and talk to Dot. Then use the key to open the door. Mission complete.

Mission 5 Guide: All’s Weld that Ends Weld

1. PH will talk to you. Afterwards, go to the Town.

2. Talk to Aunt Arctic, and she will give you a “Your a terrific friend” Card.

3. Go into the Coffee Shop. Use the Mechano-Duster to clean the coffee beans up. You will be rewarded a pin.

4. Combine the pen and the card, and hand it to the Coffee Shop worker.

5. Go back to the town and let Aunt Arctic sign it. Then go to the Snow Forts.

6. Give the card to both of the penguins and head to the puffle training room.

7. Give the card to Flare to make him light up. Click on Flare and point at the key on the anvil. He will weld them
together. Grab the key.

8. Go to the Sports Shop and put the key in Gary’s door. Go up to his room.

9. Go over to the globe and use the decoder on the blueprints. It will say, “Super power flashlight.”

10. Go over to the orange couch and pick the map up.

11. Go by the table and click on the paper to let the other agents know where your going. Click the door and
leave. Mission 5 over and out.

Mission 6 Guide: Do it yourself Carting

1. Talk to the penguin at the Mine Shack.

2. Click the tub of water near the opening. Then, go into the door on the side of the Mine Shack.

3. Click the wheel by the door, on the spool of yarn, and on the ground by the lantern.

4. Bring the wheels outside and put them into the bucket. Then use Flare to weld them to the Bucket.

5. Put the Cart in your inventory and go down to the mine.

6. Put the cart on the track and get ready to surf some mine carts.

7.After your done, go to the upside cart and talk to it.

8. Next, go around and pick up the 3 yellow balloons and rope.

9. Tie the rope to the cart and take Blast to knock the boulder off the ledge.

10. Blow the balloons up one at a time and attach them to the cart.

11. After all are attached, the mine cart will lift up and you can talk to him.

12. Grab the flashlight and attach it to your Spy Gadget.

13. Go to your spy gadget and and click the light bulb and point it at the dark tunnel. Find Gary.

14. Use Blast to break the boards. Then you will be teleported to the HQ, and the mission will be over.

Mission 7 Guide: Double Trouble

1. PH will be sleeping in a bubble. Talk with him. He will ask you to find something pointy.

2. Go to the bamboo patch and click the lower part of the patch, and pop him out of the bubble.

3. Go to the Ice Rink. Talk to the penguin with the foam finger. He will tell you to score a goal on the goalie.

4. Take Bouncer and throw 3 snowballs at the goalie. The 3rd one will work.

5. PH will call and tell you to come to the puffle training room with Loop.

6. Train Loop to aim at the jet pack.

7. Go find Pop (purple puffle). He is at the Night Club, but you need fancy clothes to get in.

8. Go to the stage. Talk to the stage manager and construction worker. Use Loop to stop the drill.

9. After you stop the drill, the manager will thank you and give you a choice between a fancy suit or a fancy
dress. Pick one and put it on.

10. Go to the Night Club and be prepared for a dance-off.

11.Play the game and win to get Pop.

12. A shake will occur. Go to the boiler room and notice that the boiler is missing.

13. Use Pop to lift the cabinet up by touching Pop.

14. Pick up the can of oil and head to the mine. You will see Dot. Talk to her and be prepared to be teleported to
the HQ. Mission complete.

Mission 8 Guide: Flying High Pitched

1. Talk to Jetpack Dude, and grab the Jetpack by the launch ramp.

2. Play Jetpack Adventure

3.You will end up on the tallest mountain to complete your puffle training

4. Talk with PH and train with Flit by collecting 3 gold rings. To do that, click on Flit and then the object.

5. Give the 3 rings to PH. Then you will train with Chirp.

6. Break the ice cube. First, click on Chirp and touch the object. It’ll get a small crack, so do it again to break it

7. Click the box to get a hat like PH.

8. Click on the grappling hook to do your final training.

9. Go to the puffle training room and use Pop to lift the weight.

10. A snow globe will appear. Use Chirp to break the glass.

11. Use Flare to melt the ice off the chest.

12. Use Bouncer to cool the chest down.

13. Then use Blast to knock the Pinata down.

14. A jack in the box will appear. Use Loop to stop it from moving.

15. Grab the key and open the chest. Use Flit to get the note down. Mission complete.

Mission 9 Guide

1. Talk to the Director. Then go into G’s Room at the Sports Shop.

2. After G talks to you, go to the coffee shop.

3. When you go in, you will see Rookie talking to a worker. After they are done talking, talk to the worker.

4. Grab the cocoa machine and go into the gadget room.

5. Talk to G. Then put the cocoa machine on the Snow Trekker. You will need to put the pieces together.

6. Go up to your Spy Gadget and select the Trekker call button. Then play Snow Trekker.

7. After your done, you will end up by a cave. Go inside and pick up the oil can.

8. Go to the exit, in which you will get trapped. Use Pop to lift the boulder up and then use Blast to break the

9. Go outside and you will see that the Trekker moved. Play again and you will end up at the Mine Shack.

10. Use the Mechano-Duster to clear the pile next to the penguin.

11. You will see G’s gadget. Go back to the Gadget Room and show G the machine. He will draw stuff on the
chalkboard. After hes done, go to the command room, and you will have completed the mission.

Mission 10 Guide

1. Call Rookie, and he will tell you to go to the Plaza.

2. Use Flare to help him weld the metal to the booth.

3. Go by the Pet Shop and pick up the paper. Then connect the dots.

4. Call Jetpack Dude. He will tell you to come to the Ice Pond behind the Ski Lodge.

5. Go there and talk to him. Then play Ice Fishing. You need to get the Treasure Chest to win.

6. After your done, click the book and connect the dots.

7. Call Dot, and then go to the Night Club. She will give you another clue. Once again, Connect the Dots.

8. Go to the gadget room and give the clues to Gary. He will give you a machine that will be the final feature of
your spy gadget. Mission complete.

Mission 11 Guide

1. Go into the gift shop and use Pop to lift the boxes.

2. Use Bouncer to throw a snowball at the robot’s face.

3. Go to the roof and throw another snowball at it’s face.

4. Use Flare to Weld the wheel.

5. Use the Robotomy tool on his chest and solve the 3 puzzles by moving the battery to the hole.

6. Use Pop to capture the robot. Bring the robot to the gadget room.

7. Give the robot to Gary. Mission complete.

Mission 12 Guide

1. Use Blast to knock the Robot down the Ski Hill. Then use your Snowboard to chase him.

2. Use Loop to catch the robot, when he falls.

3. Use the Robotomy tool to disable him. (Turn him off)

4. The final robot will come pick it up. Jetpack Dude will float down. Ask him if you can use his Jetpack.

5. Go over to the pile of stuff, and pick up the gas can. Now play Jetpack Adventure.

6. You will end up on the tallest mountain. Try to put a bubble around the disabled robot, but be careful, the the
other robot will pop it.

7. Take Flint and knock the coffee bag on the robots head. Then use Chirp to disrupt him.

8. Disable him and put both robots in you inventory. Mission complete.

Mission 13 Guide

1. Answer you communicator. Then you will be teleported to the HQ.

2. Go to the Gadget Room, and check out the huge hole in the wall.

3. Play Snow Trekker. You will end up by a mountain with a hole in it. Go in and you will see that a GIANT robot
has all the elite puffles and Gary!

4. Go to the Gift Shop and head to the roof.

5. Use the Mechano-Duster to tickle his nose. Blast will fall to the town.

6. Go to the town and see that Blast is ok. Then go to the Dock.

7. Use Blast on the chest of the Robot. Loop will be freed.

8. Go to the Ski Village. Rookie will have a rubber duck. Use Loop to tie the robot up. You will get Flare back.

9. Go to the beach and use Flare to weld on his chest. Flit will be released.

10. Go to the beacon and use Flit to knock the anvil on the robots head.

11. Bouncer will jump out. Use your jetpack to chase him.

12. You will end up on the tallest mountain. Use Bouncer to throw a snowball at the engine. Chirp will be freed.

13. Use Chirp on the robots chest and Pop will jump out.

14. Use a bubble to rescue Gary.

15. Disable the robot and you will have completed all 13 Elite Penguin Force missions. Congratulations!

Mini Games

There are 6 Mini Games you can choose from, you can get to them by Clicking start (when you’re still in Missions mode) and then quit, you will be back at the Menu. Or you could find them in Club Penguin! For example to play the Dance Challenge Game go to the Night Club and talk to the Penguin that’s dancing. The Mini Games you can choose from are:

  • Snow Boarding
  • Cart Surfer
  • Ice Fishing
  • Jetpack Adventure
  • Dance Challenge
  • Snow Trekker (Using a Snow Cat from PenguinChat 3)

Mission Hints:  You use the stylist for all of the Mini Games to earn your coins and with those coins you can buy items from the Gift Shop Catalog in the Missions Mode! The Catalog has some rare items you can buy too But back to the Mini Games! I’ll break down each game for you.

Mini Game – Snow Boarding

1. Using your stylist your penguin snow boards down a Mountain and does tricks.

2. You use your stylist onthe screen and drag it right or left or up and down, etc.

3. It will give you a direction to drag it in.Keep doing this till youcrash a few times or get to the bottomof the mountain.

4. Each game also has 2 medals you can win, gold and silver.

5. Once you win one you can view it in your player card

Mini Game – Cart Surfer

1. This one is kind of hard, I would suggest doing it with the Control Pad, but it’s up to you!

2. When using the Control Pad its like the Control Pad are the keys on your key board when you are playing the online Cart Surfer.

3. When using the Touch Screen option you will use your stylist and select a trick to do on the bottom screen.

4. Once you getused to it it’s not that hard.

Mini Game – Ice Fishing

1. Ice fishing on the DS is also just like the online Ice Fishing.

2. Using your stylist touch and hold your stylist on the screen and move it up and down to try and catch fish.

3. You can use the really small fish to catch the big fish.

4. And you can catch the medium sized fishand squidwith just your worm.

5. Depending on how well you did, towards the end (like in the online Ice Fishing) there will be less and less fish or squid.

6. If there are 2 squids left at the end, catch one, and then catch the other.

7. The last one will attach to the Treasure Chest that a crab brings out and that will end the game.

8. Same with catching the Mullet but no treasure chest and you use fish to catch the Mullet!

Mini Game – Jetpack Adventure

1. Once again Jetpack Adventure is just like the online game!

2. Using your stylist touch and drag it along the screen and try not to crash into obstacles!

3. Then land on the Landing Zone at the end to end the game.

Mini Game – Dance Challenge

This game is a DS exclusive!

1. First, turn your DS on its side.

2. Now copy the Pink Penguin’s Moves. For example, say she/he goes up, down, side, side.

3. Do the same moves and touch the DS screen and drag your stylist up, down, side, side!

4. Do that and miss a few times and your fail!

Mini Game – Snow Trekker

Ah! This Mini Game reminds me of Penguin Chat 3! I never played Penguin Chat but know very much about what it was like. In Penguin Chat 3 they had Snow Cats. This is what this Mini Game is all about. Trekking a Snow Cat through the snow and collecting coins!

1. Before you go on the water part, click the snow cat on the bottom screen of your DS until the Snow Cat has orange buoys and skiis. Then you can go on water.

2. On the bottom screen of your DS there will also be tips.

3. You control the snow cat with your stylist by touching parts of the bottom screen!

4. You can make it so your snow cat has a plow on it so your snow cat does not take damage when your hit things!

5. Collect coins until the timer on the top screen runs out!

6. Whew! That was a lot of typing.


In the Multiplayer Section you can connect to DS’s together with one EPF game and both play! Or connect to a WiFi network and join other players online!


Here you can connect to a WiFi and download new missions weekly! Or download the latest copy of the Club Penguin Times and read it right from you DS!


1. Keep clicking back until you are at the Main Menu!

2. Here you can select play or Dgamer (Disney Gamer).

3. If you have a Dgamer account you can log in (again using WiFi) and do whatever you do with a Dgamer account, I would not know because I don’t have an account!

4. I think I covered it all?

5. Here are some pics for yeah; I will upload some screen shots of the Game in real life soon!

Secret Missions:

There are three secret mission on EPF that you can download through a WiFi connection.  Once I have completed those, the cheats and guide will be listed here.  Look for them shortly!

You can buy the game at Toys `R` Us, Target and Most Gaming Stores.


Here’s how to become a tour guide on Club Penguin:

1. Go to the Ski Village.
2. Click on the Tours stand.


3. Click on “Would you like to become a tour guide yourself? Click here for more details” at the bottom of the tour guide sign.


4. Click on “Take the quiz.

5. Use the answer key below of the possible questions on the tour guide quiz:

How many sled-racing courses are there?

How does the pink puffle play?
Skips with skipping rope

What is the name of the big fish in ice fishing?

What day does the newspaper come out?

Which of these games has a shark in it?
Jet pack adventure

What color of puffle can catch on fire?

How many coins does it cost to buy a player card background?

What is thrown out of the truck in level 4 of bean counters?

In what room can you find old copies of the Penguin Times?
Boiler Room

What is the name of Captain Rockhopper’s ship?
The Migrator

Which of these rooms does not have a game in it?

Which room has a cuckoo clock?
Ski Lodge

How do you get a pin?
Click on it

Which of these places doesn’t have music playing in the background?
Pet Shop

6. After passing the quiz, you will receive a tour guide hat.


7. Finally, you will given the tour guide manual.


You can now give tours on Club Penguin!


This is the Club Penguin Pin List it has the list of all the pins in Club Penguin.
This thread will tell you what pins have came out.
The pins should be in order but if there not please tell me.

Click on the names for the images

Shamrock Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Coffee Shop

Music Note Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Pizza Parlor

Plant pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Dance Lounge

Pizza Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Plaza

Balloon Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Dock

Lantern Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Night Club

Beach Ball Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Ski Lodge Attic

Sun Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Book room

Horse Shoe Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Mine Shack

Astro Barrier Ship Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Snow Forts

Hockey Stick Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Ski Village

Soccer Ball Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Gift Shop

Pencil Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Book room

Light House Pin
Rareness: 10/10
Location: Plaza

Telescope Pin
Rareness: 9.5/10
Location: Ski Hill

Pirate Flag Pin
Rareness: 9.5/10
Location: Pet Shop

Pumpkin Pin
Rareness: 9/10
Location: Dock

Jet Pack Pin
Rareness: 9/10
Location: Beach

Life Ring Pin
Rareness: 9/10
Location: Lighthouse

Camp Fire Pin
Rareness: 8.5/10
Location: Ski Lodge

Christmas Tree Pin
Rareness: 8.5/10
Location: Club Penguin Newspaper

Candy Cane Pin
Rareness: 8.5/10
Location: Night Club

Apple Pin
Rareness: 8/10
Location: Pizza Parlor

Cactus Pin
Rareness: 8/10
Location: Coffee Shop

Teddy Bear Pin
Rareness: 8/10
Location: Cave

Ice Cube Pin
Rareness: 8/10
Location: Ice Berg

Shrimp Pin
Rareness: 8/10
Location: Dance Lounge

Pot of Gold Pin
Rareness: 7.5/10
location: Lodge Attic

Box Pin
Rareness: 7.5/10
Location: Dock

Microphone Pin
Rareness: 7.5/10
Location: Beacon

Ruby Pin
Rareness: 7.5/10
Location: Ski Village

Tulip Pin
Rareness: 7/10
Location: Sport Shop

Starfish Pin
Rareness: 7/10
Location: Mine

Surf Board Pin
Rareness: 7/10
Location: Beacon

Picnic Basket Pin
Rareness: 6.5/10
Location: Ski Lodge

Water Drop Pin
Rareness: 6.5/10
Location: Dance Lounge

Cart Surfer Pin
Rareness: 6/10
Location: Pizza Parlor

Butterfly Pin
Rareness: 6/10
Location: Forest

Tent Pin
Rareness: 6/10
Location: Mine Shack

BaseBall Pin
Rareness: 5.5/10
Location: Boiler Room

JellyFish Pin
Rareness: 5.5/10
Location: Ski Lodge

Circus Tent Pin
Rareness: 5.5/10
Location: Plaza at fall fair

PaddleBall Pin
Rareness: 5/10
Location: Snow Forts

HairBrush Pin
Rareness: 5/10
Location: Pet Shop

Spider Pin
Rareness: 5/10
Location: Cave

Rareness: 4.5/10
Location: Dance Lounge

Needle Pin
Rareness: 4.5/10
Location: Cove

Holly Pin
Rareness: 4.5/10
Location: Coffee Shop

Wreath Pin
Rareness: 4/10
Location: Lodge Attic

Snow Shovel Pin
Rareness: 4/10
Location: Boiler Room
This is Club Penguins 50th Pin

Sombrero Pin
Rareness: 4/10
Location: Forest

Rowboat Pin
Rareness: 4/10
Location: Lighthouse

Anchor Pin
Rareness: 3.5/10
Location: Cove

Golden Ship Wheel Pin
Rareness: 3.5/10
Location: Beat Aqua Grabber

Aqua Grabber Pin
Rareness: 3.5/10
Location: Cave

Book Pin
Rareness: 3/10
Location: Boiler Room

Crayon Pin
Rareness: 3/10
Location: Mine Shack

Pyramid Pin
Rareness: 3/10
Location: Book Room

Treasure Chest Pin
Location: Ski Village
Rareness: 3/10

Captain’s Quarters Key Pin
Location: Rockhopper’s Journal
Rareness: 1/10

Goblet Pin
Location: Coffee Shop
Rareness: 3/10

Anvil Pin
Location: Boiler Room
Rareness: 2.5/10

Ice Cream Cone Pin
Location: Forest
Rareness: 2.5/10

Basketball Pin
Location: Pizza Parlor
Rareness: 2.5/10

Firework Rocket Pin
Location: Cove
Rareness: 2.5/10

Treble Clef Pin
Location: Cave
Rareness: 2.5/10

Vinyl Record Pin
Location: Night Club
Rareness: 2.5/10

Dodgeball Pin
Location: Stage
Rareness: 2.5/10

150th Newspaper Pin
Location: Boiler Room
Rareness: 2.5/10

Ruby Pin
Location: Stage
Rareness 2.5/10

Magnifying Glass Pin
Location: Dock
Rareness: 2/10

Lollipop Pin
Location: Lighthouse
Rareness: 2/10

Yellow Balloon Pin
Location: Prize Booth in the Forest
Rareness: 2/10

Microscope Pin
Location: Sports Shop
Rareness: 2/10

Anniversary Cake Pin
Location: Dance Lounge
Rareness: 1.5/10

Snow Shovel Pin
Location: Forest
Rareness: 1.5/10

Snowflake Tile Pin
Location: Beach
Rareness: 1.5/10

Snow Fort Pin
Location: Pet Shop
Rareness: 1.5/10

Present Pin
Location: Ski Lodge
Rareness: 1.5/10

Gingerbread Man Pin
Location: Lodge Attic
Rareness: 1.5/10

Taco Pin
Location: Snow Forts
Rareness: 1.5/10

Lily Pin
Location: Beacon
Rareness: 1.5/10

Box O’ Puffle O’s Pin
Location: Mine
Rareness: 1/10

O’ Berry Pin
Location: Ice Burg
Rareness: 1/10

Lucky Coin Pin
Location: Ski Hill
Rareness: 1/10

Top Hat Pin
Location: Lodge Attic
Rareness: 1/10

Chocolate Bunny Pin
Location: Forest
Rareness: 1/10

Tree Pin
Location: Dojo Courtyard
Rareness: 1/10

King’s Crown Pin
Location: Boiler Room
Rareness: 1/10

Ice Cream Sundae Pin
Location: Pizza Parlor
Rareness: 1/10

Safari Hat Pin
Location: Book Room
Rareness: 1/10

Watermelon Pin
Location: Lighthouse
Rareness: 1/10

Dojo Lantern Pin
Location: Cave
Rareness: 1/10

Beach Umbrella Pin
Location: Boiler Room
Rareness: 1/10

Toy Sailboat Pin
Location: Coffee Shop
Rareness: 1/10

Sand Castle Pin
Location: Mine
Rareness: 1/10

Koi Fish Pin
Location: Cove
Rareness: 1/10

Cotton Candy Pin
Location: Prize Booth in the Forest
Rareness: 1/10

101 Days Pin
Location: Pizza Parlor
Rareness: 1/10

Fire Pin
Location: Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt
Rareness: 1.5/10
This is Club Penguins 100th Pin

Padlock Pin
Location: Book Room
Rareness: 1/10

Football Pin
Location: Lodge Attic
Rareness: 1/10

4th Anniversary Pin
Location: Boiler Room
Rareness: 1/10

Sled Pin
Location: Ski Hill
Rareness: 1/10

Magic Phial Pin
Location: Stage
Rareness: 2/10

Hot Chocolate Pin
Location: Coffee Shop
Rareness: 1/10

Christmas Bell Pin

Location: Forest
Rareness: 1/10

You can become a ninja on Club Penguin by playing Card-Jitsu at the Dojo. Here’s the Club Penguin cheats guide to becoming a ninja. Follow it carefully, and you will be a ninja in no time!


1. Click on the Map in the lower left.
2. Go to the Dojo Courtyard.
3. Talk to the Sensei in the far right corner of the Dojo. The Sensei will give you a free starter deck for Card-Jitsu.

4. When playing Card-Jitsu, use card type and number to beat your opponent’s cards. Use this chart for help.

  • Water cards beat fire cards.
  • Fire cards beats snow cards.
  • Snow cards beats water cards.


  • When they are the same type, the higher number wins.
  • If the card played right before the current card had a number 10, the card with the lower number wins.

There are two different ways to win in Card-Jitsu.

1. Get all 3 types of cards (each must be a different color).
2. Get 3 cards of the same type (each must be a different color).

Club Penguin Earning Ninja Belts

In Card-Jitsu, you receive ninja belts for winning games. This chart shows how many wins are needed for each belt.

White belt – 5 total wins needed.
Yellow belt – 13 total wins needed.
Orange belt – 21 total wins needed.
Green belt – 30 total wins needed.
Blue belt – 40 total wins needed.
Red belt – 52 total wins needed.
Purple belt – 64 total wins needed.
Brown belt – 76 total wins needed.
Black belt – 88 total wins needed.

Here is a chart with a picture of all the ninja belts.

ninja belts

The chat above only applies in competition mode.

Once you become a black belt ninja, you may play the Sensei in Card-Jitsu in Sensei Mode. It will take at least 8 times to beat the Sensei. Once you win, you have access to the Ninja Hideout.

Here’s how to get to the Ninja Hideout:

1. Click on the Map in the lower left.
2. Go to the Dojo Courtyard.
3. Click on the Ninja Hideout doorway


The History of Club Penguin


Penguin Chat and CP Beta

Before Club Penguin, there was something called Penguin Chat (2005). You used to be able to play it on rocketsnail.com (Yes, that’s what rsnail stands for), but as of now, they have closed down the site so everyone visits Clubpenguin.com instead. Penguin Chat 3 was very fun, to tell you the truth.

Back then, the whole thing was free and there were things on it that the Club Penguin Team never put back onto Club Penguin. I had an account on it named Milly1999 but all the Penguin chat 3 accounts got removed when it was shut down to be remade as club penguin.

It was actually very similar to Club Penguin, except there was only one place you could go to, the Town. There wasn’t a Cove, Snow Forts, Dojo, or your own home or anything else, but the Town. In fact, the Town looked very similar to how it looks now, but there was more chairs and tables outside the Coffee Shop, and a few other different details. Oh, and it snowed in the Town!

And there were no coins or way of earning coins. And if you tried to walk to the left of the town, you’d go to an area of nothing but snow (and a few decorations), if you went to the left of that (through a ’secret hill’), you’d up in another bigger area of snow with a pretty blue sky. In this specific area, you might see a bunch of penguins in snowcats (look it up in dictionary) driving around. Then if you went left again, there would be a bunch of penguins just walking around with hard hats on that are probably drilling the ground (with construction gear and railings all over the place and a crane in the distance), and then if you went left again, you’d be back at the Town (so it was kinda a circle). And you could also do the same thing if you started off going right from the Town.

There were also signs for every place in Penguin Chat but I can’t remember what they were.

In the toolbar, there was only the chatbox, the snowball button, the actions button, the emotes button, a ‘Tell a Joke’ button, and the enter button. To change color, you would click a Color change button on the chatbar, and select a different color. There was no map.

The Night Club was incredibly similar. The major differences were that the Band played on the stage, rather than the DJ thing with the speakers (but there were Speakers there). And there was no green puffle dancing on the speakers, and there were no stairs leading to the upper floor (there wasn’t an upper floor). And you could get to the secret Boiler room by walking onto the wire of the lower righthand Speaker. The point of the game was just to throw snowballs, dance, and chat.

Talking about snowballs, in Penguin Chat, snowballs were a little bit different. No, they looked the exact same, but when you threw them at people, sometimes you would miss horribly. The radar that shows up when you push the Snowball button in Club Penguin was different in Club Penguin. It would also snow sometimes in the Town.

The Coffee shop was somewhat boring, there was no upper level, and you couldn’t play Bean Counter there. Back then, everyone used to pretend they were Coffee shop waiters.

Now, have you ever heard someone ask how you become a ninja? Well, this is where the myth started from (By the way, you CAN’T become a ninja in Club Penguin, they were going to make them, but they made Secret Agents instead). In Penguin Chat 3, when the color select window popped up, if you click the ‘n’ in ‘Select your new penguin.’ in that window, you would become a ninja (No lie, it also took me a long time to figure this out when I first started playing, no one would tell me). Being a ninja was pretty cool, you had a ninja suit with a sword on your back and if you tried dancing as a ninja, you wouldn’t dance but you’d become transparent/invisible.

You could also be a Hard Hat worker. You had to click on the Hook of the Crane in the sky (the Crane was behind a fence in the back) in the snowfields right of the Town to get the Hard hat (you didn’t have a player card back then so you didn’t really get a Hard hat, you just wore one). And if you danced, you would be drilling the ground. And if you went into the middle snow fields, you’d be driving a snowcat, WOOT!

As for the Gift shop, if you tried walking into it, you’d be transported to a page in Rocketsnail.com where you can buy merchandise like real life keychains and T-shirts (using real life money though, Penguin Chat didn’t have coins, remember?).

And that’s just about all there was to Penguin Chat 3 (that used to be playable at rocketsnail.com).

Now here’s the sad part. One day, the Rocket Snail team announced they were creating something called Club Penguin. When I went to the site clubpenguin.com, all that was on its site was the logo and it said it was Under Construction. Then they closed Penguin chat for a while, so I had nothing to do but play Mancala, Ballistic Biscuit, and a few other games on rsnail.com

After waiting the rest of the summer for Club Penguin, it finally opened with the grand opening of the beta party, i had a beta account when club penguin started called Milly1999 but eventually i stopped going on club penguin and when i went to log on in 2007 i had forgotten the password and i couldn’t change it because i had it under my old email address which i also forgot the password for so i just created Milly Gatt!

Also, there was a Club Penguin BETA testing. That was basically to try out the new Club Penguin beforehand. Beta testers got one month of free Club Penguin membership, they got to keep their party hat from the very first Club Penguin party ever, and a certain amount of coins (2,000).

And, last, you can check the Club Penguin Official Blog Archives for all old blog posts from Club Penguin ever since April 2005 here: http://blog.clubpenguin.com/archives/2005_08_01_archive.html

The archives are at the bottom of the page.

Also, this is all from memory and I’ve verified just about all my data to check that it is fact, not fiction. The only thing you might be even a little worried about is that I probably made a few accounts right after beta. But I’ve changed from Yahoo to Hotmail to Gmail email accounts over the years and I’ve forgotten almost all my emails. If I had created an account before or after Beta, its probably already deleted by now anyway, unfortunately.

So that’s my rather sad story of how I missed being a Beta by a few days/weeks and a touch of impatience.

Here are a few pics that I think are from Penguin Chat.  (Click to enlarge)



Finally, don’t be fooled by this: penguinchat.com This is not the Penguin Chat I was speaking of. This came out less than a year ago, I believe. Its a FAKE. The real Penguin Chat was only accessible on http://rocketsnail.com

The Following are thanks to Wikipedia:

Parties & Rockhopper Arrivals

Throughout Club Penguin History, there have been numerous parties and Rockhopper Arrivals, each introducing numerous free items. Here is a list of them (this list is now outdated):


  • October 24, 2005 – Halloween Party/Beta Tester Party (Beta Tester Party Hat)
  • December 22, 2005 to December 25, 2005 – Christmas Party/New Year’s Party (Santa Hat, Christmas Scarf, Beta Tester Party Hat)


  • January 2006- Winter Luau (Red Hawaiian Lei)
  • February 2006 – Valentine’s Day Celebration (Red Sunglasses, Bowtie)
  • March 2006 – Pizza Party (Pizza Apron)
  • March 2006 – St. Patrick’s Day Party (St. Patrick’s Day Hat)
  • April 2006 – April Fool’s Day Party (Red Propeller Cap)
  • April 2006 – Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt (Pink Bunny Ears)
  • May 2006 – Mine Party (Mining Cap)
  • June 2006 – Summer Party/Beach Opening (Blue Hawaiian Lei, Water Wings, Inflatable Duck, and Whistle)
  • July 6, 2006 to July 14, 2006 – Western Party (Bandanna)

* August 4, 2006 to August 19/20, 2006 (extended by 6/7 days) – Sports Party (Red/Blue Face Paint, Skates)

  • September 22, 2006 – Lighthouse Opening (Red Sailor’s Cap, Lighthouse Shirt (from The Penguin Times)
  • October 13, 2006 to October 20, 2006 – Rockhopper Arrival #1 (Eye Patch)
  • October 24, 2006 – 1 Year Anniversary Party (Anniversary Party Hat)
  • October 27, 2006 – Halloween Party (Wizard’s Hat)
  • November 2006 – Lime Green Color Party (Members only, Lime Green Color, Green Cape)
  • December 8, 2006 to December 21, 2006 – Rockhopper Arrival #2 (Pirate Bandanna, Red Puffle)
  • December 22, 2006 to January 2, 2007 – Christmas & New Year’s Party (Santa Hat, Santa Beard)


  • January 19, 2007 to January 22, 2007 – Winter Fiesta (Maracas)
  • February 9, 2007 – Rockhopper Arrival #3 (Pirate Belt)
  • February 9, 2007 to February 19, 2007 – Festival of Snow (Snowflake T-Shirt, Ice Crown)
  • Prior to March 9, 2007 – Rockhopper Arrival #4 – Rockhopper returns Bambadee to the shores of Club Penguin but amazingly never gets noticed by other penguins.
  • March 9, 2007 to March 16, 2007 – Rockhopper Arrival #5 (Pirate Shoes, Sea Monster Background)
  • March 16, 2007 to March 20, 2007 – St. Patrick’s Day (St. Patrick’s Day Hat)
  • March 30, 2007 to April 2, 2007 – April Fool’s Day Party (Blue Propeller Cap & Novelty Glasses)
  • April 6, 2007 to April 9, 2007 – Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt (Blue Bunny Ears)
  • April 27, 2007 – Rockhopper Arrival #6 – (Puffle/Pirate Bandanna)
  • April 27, 2007 to May 2, 2007 – Pirate Party (Sailor Hats (found by following the treasure route in the Ship Hold))
  • May 18 to May 24, 2007 – Party for Forest (players had to follow a map to find it)
  • May 25 to May 29 – New Cove Party ( Members only, Whistle, Lifeguard Life ring)
  • June 8 to June 18 – Summer Party ( Blue Hawaiian Lei, Green Inflatable Duck, Ice Cream Apron, Green Sunglasses, Flower Headress)

June 22 to ? Rockhopper Arrival #7 (Red bandanna) – July 13 to 18, 2007 Water Party ( Umbrella Hat )(blue water wings)

Puffle History


  • October 24 – Club Penguin Opens, Puffles seen around but not officially introduced.
  • November – Puffles officially introduced to the game. Colours originally blue, pink, green and black.
  • November/December – Creature Naming Contest takes place. The winning name is “Puffle”, and the winner of the contest receives 5000 Coins and 3 days of free membership.
  • December – The term “Puffle” comes into use and is used for the first time.
  • December – All of the bugs taken out of Puffle Round-Up and it’s officially introduced to the game.


  • March 13, 2006 – The Pet Shop opens, allowing you to buy a Puffle. Members can buy all 4 breeds, and can purchase up to 8 puffles, while Non-Members can buy one Blue Puffle.
  • March – Although a feature from the start, the puffle’s Special Play ability is made well-known in an issue of the Club Penguin Times.
  • June – Purple Puffles started to mysteriously appear on Puffle Round-Up. During the 1st secret mission Aunt Arctic’s Lost Puffles, players had to find her 2 lost puffles, one green and one purple, officially introducing Purple Puffles to the game.
  • August – The Purple Puffle becomes available for purchase in the Pet Shop.
  • September – The ability to Walk Puffle is established.
  • October – Rockhopper talks about his pet and friend, Yarr in his journal, which is a red puffle, prior to introducing red puffles to Club Penguin.
  • November – The ability to Bathe Puffle is established.
  • November – Second secret mission, called “Gs Secret Mission”, reveals the origin of Puffle O’s in introducing the O Berry, which causes a Black Puffle to enact its Special Play.
  • Late 2006 – Penguins can’t see other penguin’s puffle’s names due to the fact that penguins were giving their puffles vulgar (bad) names.
  • December – Captain Rockhopper introduces the red Puffles to Club Penguin, although they are not able to be herded up in Puffle Round-Up like the other 5 breeds. Also, Members can now buy up to 12 puffles, and Non-Members can now buy up to two, including the Red Puffle.


  • March 23, 2007 – Puffle play extended.
  • May – Red puffles are able to surf with you in the new surfing game Cachin’ Waves.

Secret Missions and Book Room Library Additions


  • None. Secret Missions have not been created yet and the Book Room hasn’t yet turned into a library.


  • June – Aunt Arctic’s Lost Puffles able to be played by secret agents.
  • November – G’s Secret Mission able to be played by secret agents.
  • No Book Room library additions yet.


  • March 9, 2007 – Rockhopper’s papers get turned into a book, that becomes the first addition to the library in the book room called Rockhopper and the Stowaway. After reading this book, whilst clicking on the friendship bracelet, one is able to receive one of the friendship bracelets mentioned in his story (Friendship Bracelet).
  • March 3 – Frankie’s First Show, The Spice of Life, and Truth or Dare added to the library.
  • March 26 – Case of the Missing Coins mission released.
  • April 12 – Story Writing Contest closed.
  • April 26 – Winners of Story Writing Contest announced.
  • April 27 – New books to be added to Book Room – Penguin Tales (Spring ‘07): Pizza Parlour Panic (Orantango), Comoica’s Jetpack Adventure (Comoica), The Legend of the Gold Puffle (Icmer).
  • August 7 – Avalanche Rescue mission released.



  • Club Penguin Opens


  • December – A wider selection of igloo music is introduced.
  • December 2006 – A Christmas party happens during the Jolliest time of the year


  • Sometime in 2007 – Players are eligible to become tour guides
  • April 13, 2007 – Stage added to lighthouse.
  • April 27, 2007 – Ship Hold opened on the Migrator
  • May 30, 2007 – Cove open to public. Contains binoculars which work similarly to the telescope in the Beacon
  • Sometime in 2007 -The game catching waves gets 2 more levels
  • Sometime in 2007 – Water party begins and umbrealla hat,A free item gets relased
  • Sometime In June 2007 – A new item adds to the water party as it extends till next monday.Leaving a free items of blue water wings and umbrella hats.
  • Sometime in 2007 – A new igloo contest is relased with the fishbowl ilgoo because the igloo contest was my life in a fish bowl!
  • August 1, 2007 – Disney buys Club Penguin for a lot of money!
  • October 26th – Golden Puffle spotted at Forest and Mountain at every half hour (alternating)


  • Card-Jitsu Wa Released
  • Penguins can become Ninjas

And if you look at the pics below the crane that was in Penguin Chat 3 there is a mini one in a glass bottle!




(note: if the images do not load fully please click them)

1. Talk to Gary and tell him that you are ready to start the mission.

2. Gary will ask you about the seeds. In the language of science they are called ”Poaceae”. Gary will ask you what is the name of it but not a scientific name. First you should say ”Are those Flower Seeds?” and then answer with “Corn Seeds”.

3. Go to the Town, then to the gift shop. Talk to Rookie and pick up the other yellow corn seeds which are evidence on the floor.

4. Go upstairs and talk with the Jet Pack Guy. Pick up the yellow corn seeds under the desk.

5. Go back to the PSA HEADQUARTERS because Gary will call. Your spy phone will have a bad connection. Either keep clicking or head to the headquarters by going through the Sports Shop.

6. Herbert will take over the screens in Psa Headquarters.

7. Go to the Lighthouse. When you are there, you should see a CD which will be under the piano. Pick it up and use the bottle and rag to the left of it to clean the disk.

8. Click on the bucket and put it in your inventory. For extra credit, go to the Beach and fill the bucket up with water.

9. Go to the back room of the PSA Headquarters and put the filled bucket on the conveyor belt. Then press the switch, then the snow icon, and finally the red switch. A round ice block will come out.

10. Go to the Beacon and give the mechanic the ice block. Take the lens next to the mechanic and give this to the brown penguin at the Ski Lodge.

11. Go to the Ski Village. You are going to find a DVD player behind Herbert’s screen.

12. Click on the DVD Player and put the disk in it. Then Herbert’s music will play.

13. Go back to the DVD player to stop it. Use the wrench to open the electrical box to the right. Guess the correct code for the box. The colors are not the same for everyone.

14. Go to the mine, then the corn room. Follow the steps which the popcorn on the ground leads. When doing this, pick up the four pieces of paper and the wood.

15. To complete the maze, go to the left path near the watering can, then the left near the kernels of corn, then right near the fertilizer, then left near the hot sauce, and then left near the coffee beans.

16. Herbert will be on his computer laughing. Unplug his personal computer so that he will then send you back to the Psa Headquarters.

17. Click on the orange book to the right. Click on the target, then click on the help to fill the puzzle in the right way.

18. After this, there will be a bunch of talking. You will have beaten the mission. Claim your medal and special gift.

19. Now that the mission is done, click on the snow globe gift for helping. In this, there are a special pair of Spy Goggles. Get them by clicking on the red button on the side.

Well thats all for now, more guides coming soon! BYE!


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