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New DJ-3K Music & Series 9 Treasure Book!

Hey Penguinz! Today Club Penguin released the Series 9 Treasure Book & Some new tunes for us (sorry, members only) to buy and jam to in DJ-3K.


Head to the Club Penguin Night Club and check out the new tracks.

Click the purple catalog symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen or waddle over to the crate with DJ3K Tracks in it.

You can see the three new tracks right above the lime green penguin (the Yellow, Pink and Orange ones). They each cost only 75 Coins, you can choose from:

  • Desi-bel
  • House Blend
  • Reggaetron

Once you purchase them you can play them in DJ3K by selecting one of them from the list before you start the game.

Out Of The 3, I think that HOUSE BLEND would have to be my fave, whats your favourite? Comment & Tell Us!

Series 9 Treasure Book

This series Treasure Book color is similar to the original Treasure Book, Series 1.

  • The Spikester
  • Star T-Shirt
  • Black Sneakers

Q: How many times have these items appeared in the Treasure Book?

A: Follow my Twitter to find out!

  • The Funster
  • Green Cheerleader
  • Red Football Helmet
  • Red Football Jersey
  • Football

  • Squidzoid Costume
  • Blue Superhero Mask
  • Shadow Guy Costume
  • Blue Cape

  • Princess Hat
  • Fairy Wings
  • Princess Costume
  • Magic Wand
  • Blizzard Wizard Hat
  • Crystal Staff
  • Blizzard Wizard Robe

  • Ladybug Antennae
  • Ladybug Costume
  • Ladybug Shoes
  • Lobster Costume


  • The Rustic
  • Pink Rustic Tunic and Skirt
  • Green Checkered Tote
  • Brown Canvas Shoes
  • Blue Stripe Fedora
  • Blue Trendy Shirt

Series 9 Treasure Book Cheats

Click the penguins beak for the White Pom Pom’s (New!)

Click the power wave (?) that Shadow Guy is shooting for the Gamma Girl Outfit (Mask, Costume and Pink Cape).

Click the crystal part of the staff for the Princess Outfit (Amethyst Hat & Dress).

Click the right eye of the lobster costume for the Explorer Outfit (Hat & Beige Explorer Outfit).

In my opinion, The Series 9 Treasure book is an EPIC FAILURE! There are hardly any new items, besides ONE PAGE!, Club Penguin should at least UPDATE the Super Exclusives, and all the Treasure Books apart from Series 1&2 (which were overall the best), all the items are the same! The Gamma Guy & Gamma Gal costume is in EVERY treasure book and so are alot of the items, they could at least bring back some OLD items that havent been returned since their ORIGIONAL release, or they should make MORE NEW ITEMS!

:sad:I have to admit, Club Penguin has gone downhill from how it was, But anyway dont worry i dont plan on quitting anytime soon

Ill post up a video of me unlocking soon if i can. Drop Us A



Club Penguin Field Ops #5: With Hsm Girl1305

Wat up Penguinz? Its me Hsm Girl1305..and no i didnt hack Milly Gatt, she had no time to post so i told her id help her out! Anyway….As you know its Monday and the new Field Ops is out, and its the 5th one ALREADY! Anyway lets get started…

1. Waddle Over To The Field Ops Screen in the EPF Command Room, and click on it, then you will see your mission:

2. Head over to the forest (with your map, walk there or TELEPORT there which is the quickest option), waddle over to the stage and click the microphone:

Your Spy Phone Will Begin To Ring (Flashing Green Rapidly):

Click it and you will be asked to Disable the circuits, (same old, just match the shapes in the circles with eachother in the time given)

Well thats it! To Be Honest, Im dissapointed in Club Penguin, because all the Field Ops missions are the SAME, a tip for you club penguin, GIVE US NEW CHALLENGES, NEW PLOTS, MORE FUN!

Well, i had an awesome time hanging out with you guys today!

~HSM Girl 1305~


Hey Penguinz!

On the Club Penguin: WHATS NEW page, they posted up a sneak peek of a BRAND NEW FEATURE coming soon…. to be honest.. i have NO IDEA what they are….. but we have got a bit of a clue… club penguin told us “You Will Have To Collect Them and There Are ALOT” and their gonna give us more info next week! SOUNDS EXCITING!

Cant Wait To Find Out What It Is! How are you enjoying the MUSIC JAM? Keep Using The TRACKING page to keep up with the Penguin Band/ DJ Cadence`s latest location.

Club Penguin Music Jam 2010

Hey Penguinz!

Its that time of year again, for the MUSIC JAM to arrive on the island, so grab your maracas and give them a shake or your drum sticks and give them a BOOM! on the drums or maybe just play a sweet tune on your guitar or a lovely melody on the piano, whoever you are, whatever you like, there’s a beat you can play!

The Music Jam is HERE!

Yeah the AWESOME music jam has begun, are you excited? i AM! anyway, wanna get started?

How about we take a look at the FREE ITEMS? Here…


1. Log on to club penguin

2. Make your way to the COVE

3.Waddle over to the BLUE HEADPHONES box and grab a pair:

How to find the RED MUSIC JAM SHIRT: (members only)

1. Log onto Club Penguin

2. Make your way over to the dock

3. Waddle backstage (make sure you have the VIP pass first!)

4.Waddle to the RED SHIRTS box & collect your red shirt:

Pretty cool huh? My favorite item is the RED MUSIC JAM SHIRT! Anyway, i waddled over to the snow forts, and i saw the SHIRT STALL was back, check it out….

Yeah, Im REALLY disappointed  at club penguin since ALL of these shirts are returned 😦 But, there is a new V.I.P pass for members, so we can enter the BACKSTAGE room at the dock, however, you can buy these shirts & V.I.P pass at the booths located at the SNOW FORTS & SKI VILLAGE:

BUT there is NEW stuff! There are new instruments available BACKSTAGE and more are coming soon…

WOOT! Awesome! It looks like July 15 there will be more instruments to jam out on! yay!

All this jamming makes me wanna get up and dance!  let it rock DJ! 🙂

Anyway, take a look at the MEMBER rooms…

Well thats about all! Check the TRACKING page for the Cadence & Penguin Band tracker (COMING SOON), also i will post up my video of the unlocking & uboxing of club penguin herberts revenge, sorry its taking so long cuz the video has a few problems/glitches i have to fix!


New Special Ops Assignment #4

Hey Agents!

It’s Monday and that means…….. A new field op! To start you have to be an elite agent, so if you’re not click here! If you are already an agent then lets get started! When you log into Club Penguin you should see your EPF phone flashing! Click on it and then click “Go there”! (If it is not flashing click on your spy phone and then click on the field op. button. Then click “Go There”)

Next click on the computer that says “Field Ops”! You will then see a screen that says “Calling All Agents! Our surveillance network has had a major black out. We’re not sure what, or who, is responsible. The broken network computer is disguised inside a couch. Search the island for it, then power it up!” Press “Accept Field Op” and then head to the Attic  and walk over to the couch on the left!

Your EPF phone will then buzz! Click on it and complete the task so you can overload the phone.

If you succeed then you will be rewarded with 1 medals which can be used to purchase Elite Spy Gear! I thought that was pretty fun! I can’t wait till the next one and remember to report back here for more awesome Club Penguin cheats and walkthroughs!

Thanks To http://cpreporters.com/ for help with this post, as i have been VERY busy lately, i got herberts revenge! ill try to post as soon as i can ok?


July 2010 Penguin Style Catalog & New Pin!

Hey Penguinz!

As you know its July and the Music Jam is coming up along with other exciting events!

Your probably thinking `What Will I Wear To The Music Jam!` well heres the solution! The new JULY 2010 penguin style catalog is out and filled with heaps of rare & musical outfits for you to where while you jam with your penguin buddies,  does it get even better? YEAH! The 3D Glasses are back! One of the rarest club penguin items that NOBODY not even Billybob, expected to ever been seen again in a catalog well now it is!

Its in this months catalog! Here take a look at the Catalog:

  • The Sunburst – 250 Coins
  • Surf Necklace – 150 Coins
  • Leather Watch – 150 Coins
  • Sunset Surf Shorts – 300 Coins
  • The Golden Waves – 300 Coins
  • Floral Bikini – 350 Coins
  • Green Sandals – 150 Coins
  • The Flip – 250 Coins
  • Summer Threads – 450 Coins

  • The Freestyle – 550 Coins
  • Freestyle Threads – 650 Coins
  • Wingwarmers – 200 Coins
  • Green Keytar – 500 Coins
  • The Shamrocker – 550 Coins
  • Spikester Threads – 650 Coins
  • Cowbell – 50 Coins
  • The Firestriker – 550 Coins
  • Orange Rocker Shirt – 200 Coins
  • Orange Sneakers – 250 Coins

  • The Sunray – 500 Coins
  • White Diva Sunglasses – 225 Coins
  • Microphone – 250 Coins
  • Yellow Pop Outfit – 600 Coins
  • The Tousled – 450 Coins
  • Aviator Sunglasses – 200 Coins
  • Electro T-Shirt – 150 Coins
  • Dazzling Blue Top Hat – 475 Coins
  • Dazzling Blue Tux – 850 Coins

  • The Spikester – 500 Coins
  • Rocker Outfit – 400 Coins
  • Red Electric Guitar – 550 Coins
  • The Sidetied – 500 Coins
  • Pop Music Shirt – 200 Coins
  • Black Electric Guitar – 550 Coins
  • Pink Sneakers – 250 Coins

And for the first time in a longggg time, there is a new “Penguins at Work”:

The Penguins at Work is a Garden Shovel (200 Coins).

Now moving onto the cheats, theres lots of em!…

Click the top of the pine tree for the 3D Glasses (50 Coins).

Click the penguin’s foot for the Acoustic Sunburst Guitar (500 Coins).

Click the RIGHT button for The Rocker (750 Coins).

Click the LEFT button for the Supernova Suit (850 Coins).

Click the inside of the speaker for the Blue Sunglasses (150 Coins).

Click the right side of the speaker for the Purple Electric Bass (550 Coins).

Click the inside bar of the piano for the Red Sunglasses (150 Coins).

Click the tiki’s face for the Trombone (500 Coins).

Click the penguins beak for the Shockwave (550 Coins), Pink Polka-Dot Dress (350 Coins), Spikester Cuffs (170 Coins) and the Black Checkered Shoes (300 Coins).

Click the bubble for the Red Viking Helmet (750 Coins). Open and close it 4 times for the Blue Viking Helmet (1,200 Coins).

Click the grapes for the The Duchess (Head Pieces – 400 Coins, Dress – 550 Coins).

Click the leg of the table for the Dragon Costume (1,000 Coins).

Click the design on the curtains for the Beautiful Braid (400 Coins) and the Emerald Dress (550 Coins).

Click the middle stone for the Green Hooded Cloak (550 Coins).

Click the pink dance floor square for the Green Face Paint (15 Coins).

Thats the most cheats I’ve seen in a long time! Anyways, here are the new backgrounds for this month:

The top two are new, the bottom two are returned!

New Pin

The New Pin is rather DELICIOUS, its a mouthwatering CANDY APPLE and its found at the HIDDEN LAKE!


Thats all for today!


Music Jam Decorations Spotted!

Hey Penguinz!
Today Club Penguin announced that the Music Jam will be kicking off on July 9th! That’s next Friday! Since the party is coming soon, Boxes with decorations can be found all around the island in preparation for the Music Jam 2010!

There are decorations at the ski village & beach! The Music Jam is one of my favorite parties! Want to know why? Music JAM! Haha, Get it, JAM! Lol! Im so excited for the Music Jam 2010! Are You?
Theres also a new load screen! Check it out:

This screen is all about the Music Jam 2010! Bands Wanted! Judges Wanted! Dancers Wanted! Djs Wanted! The Music Jam 2010!

Awesome! The fun starts off July 9th and will continue until July 18th! Are you excited for the Music Jam? I am! Leave a comment and let me know : Is this your first Music Jam? Its my 3RD!